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Are You a Social Media Professional? Don’t Ignore These 11 Things in 2016

Whether you're a social media marketer or an entrepreneur who has a small or medium-sized business, you need to know about the social media strategies that will become trendy in 2016. This way, you can maintain your online visibility and develop the loyalty of your current customers while grabbing the attention of potential clients. You'll also stay on top of the competition and ensure you won't be eating the dust of your rivals. Don't know where to begin? Don't worry; [...]

Top ten PPC tips for 2016

How was your PPC campaign doing? Bad? That's alright, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Here's our top ten tips to help you get better ROI for your paid advertising effort this 2016. Create a brilliant paid search account structure The way you structure your PPC account will have an impact on your advertising budget and, most important, on the overall performance of your paid ads. It will particularly determine how your ads will be triggered and when and [...]

Content Marketing: Ensuring Success in 2016

The year is about to end, how was your content campaign going? Consistently creating a content that has a good chance of going viral and getting at least 5,000 likes and shares is one of the biggest challenges in online marketing. But that's alright. Failures have a lot to teach us, and you can always make things right this 2016. Zazzle Media founder and Moz contributor, Simon Penson, offers some great insight on how to create a content marketing campaign [...]

Why Is Semantic Search Important?

Let's say you're travelling to New York City and you want to know where the best Italian restaurants are. How would you look up this information through a search engine? Do you input “best Italian restaurants in New York City” or do you ask a question “What are the best Italian restaurants in New York City?” Search engines in the past were highly reliant on keywords to deliver results. But times have changed and so has search. Today, search engines [...]

Top 10 Ways to Get Ahead of Competition with Content from Events

With many enterprising companies taking advantage of digital content as a marketing strategy, having leverage over your competition can be a tall order. Not only do they get support from marketing experts for branding their businesses online, which exactly is what you have been doing for years but also, they turn tables to grab at every opportunity to strategise. These challenges, however you might want to dodge them will linger. But why stay in a quagmire of bottle-neck competition with [...]

Unifying PPC and SEO on the Display Network for Greater Results

Most probably, you already know that it is best for PPC and SEO to go together. By doing such, you can make more connections, thus greater success in your online marketing campaign. It is widely known that data found in search query reporting within the Google AdWords is a valuable information source for keyword research, and managing the interaction effects of sharing search engine results pages (SERPs) is also essential. For smart marketing professionals, they are using paid search [...]

Evaluating Pay-for-Performance SEO against Monthly SEO Services

As with most critical processes that a business would take to boost its market presence, search engine optimisation (SEO) is not easy. It can be difficult for marketing experts, so how much more can it be for newcomers in this area of business, who are, ironically, also wanting to get their brands to the first pages in search engines? However, it is important to know that SEO requires knowledge, time and strategy order for it to work. More so, it [...]

You Need These Individuals for Your Lead Management Team

If you could show in a diagram how complex marketing and sales operations are these days, you would discover that the intersecting lines of social media, content, data, software, email and design would turn into a quagmire of cross hatchings. In today’s marketing and sales departments, you would see that organisational charts would include people in overlapping roles that involve a wide variety of tasks. There are data analysts, web developers, creatives, strategists, database experts, email experts, sales development [...]

How to Optimize Your Social Profile for Rankings and Search Visibility?

Using your social media profiles for marketing is very important to your business, especially if they are well-optimised and managed for online reputation. By doing so, you can build a stronger online presence and expand your reach for customer engagement and retention, as well as for content amplification. Moreover, you can capture more search visibility for your brand. With the negative 3rd-party reviews online for brand searches these days, it is important to have as many online assets as possible [...]

Want to Take Advantage of Mobile PPC? Here’s What You Need to Know

Mobile web surfing has risen through the roof in the recent years. In 2024, for example, the Pew Research Center estimated that 58 percent of American adults had smartphones and 42 percent had tablets. Across the pond, meanwhile, a study by YouGov found out that the average British household had 7.4 internet-capable gadgets, with 70 percent of households owning at least one tablet. These aren't really surprising since mobile web devices provide convenience to users. Through their gadgets, people can [...]