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Terms and Conditions

Be polite, we are both businesses and mutual respect is essential.

I do not have to work with you and reserve the right to terminate any working relationship immediately.

Email communications will be replied to within 48 hours. Telephone communications only comes with the advanced package.

Payments are required upfront and invoices must be paid within 30 days of issue.

You understand that SEO can take from 6 months to show any visible or viable results.

You also understand that with high competition niches, there is no assured success.

The Pay on Results packages are at my disgression and not all clients will be applicable.

There are no VAT or additional charges on invoices at this point, this may change soon.

Please be realistic with your expectations, SEO is not an ROI machine. It has no guarantees of success or rank/ traffic improvements.

You withdraw your right to any legal action, pointless threats will not be tolerated.

Finally, I do not own, operate or control Google in any way or have a magic ranking button.

(Re-Sellers Only) You are responsible for your client’s expectations, if you have promised to over-deliver to a client, then this your problem and we will not help.