Website Call Conversions for Adwords Now Out

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Have you ever wondered if those search ads are effective at driving people to call your business?

Well, wonder no more. Google Adwords recently introduced a tool that allows you to track “clicks to calls”.

Everyone, meet website call conversions! This new feature is a “powerful way to identify and measure calls from a website that occur after an ad click.”

The Impetus

As per the official post, a big chunk of mobile searchers (70 percent) have called a business directly from search ads. Other Adwords products like click-to-call ads and call metrics helps entrepreneurs connect with these customers. However, many also pick up that phone after clicking through a Google ad and learning more about the merchandise or services offered by a company or e-commerce site. The website call conversions tool was created exactly for this purpose.

Under the Bonnet

So how does it work?

Brands will be required to place a snippet of code on their desktop of mobile websites. When this has been implemented, Google will generate a unique forwarding number for each Adwords advert. This will be responsible for measuring customer calls.

Forwarding numbers will be displayed for 90 days. They’re customisable too. Businesses can modify colour, font and size to match their websites.

In the post, Anurag Agrawal, product manager of AdWords, writes that when a consumer clicks on the number or dials it directly, the call conversion and its value will be attributed back to the keyword and ad that drove that particular customer.

The Pay Off

Equipping advertisers with the ability to track “clicks to calls” will yield great mikeefits:

  • Have a better understanding of which ads and keywords are driving the most calls

  • Be able to tell which of these results in more valuable phone interactions.

  • Assign specific values to calls coming in from different website pages

Brands can also optimise their keyword bids. They can drive more valuable calls using Target CPA or Target ROAS. Such flexible bid strategies will factor in a number of signals like location, time of day and type of device. Auction-time bids can then be adjusted to maximise both website call conversions and conversion value, whilst reaching business goals.


This early, website call conversions are already getting plenty of positive feedback from users.

Elan Hanson of People’s Trust Insurance reported that they previously didn’t have the ability to track ROI whenever prospects clicked through ads and phoned their sales center. Website call conversions [have] enabled us to better attribute lead and sales activity to the correct AdWords campaign after seeing a 79 percent increase in the total calls attributed to AdWords, says this satisfied marketing and information manager.

Paige Polatas, a B2B marketer with Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, also reported that the tool helped increased the brand’s AdWords call volume by 147 percent.

Website call conversions work with AdWords click-to-call ads and are available in countries with Google forwarding numbers. Meanwhile, reporting on this tool can be found in the Call Details and through standard conversion reporting.

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