The Importance of Internet Marketing and SEO

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The Importance of Internet Marketing and SEO

Why is SEO Important? Why should I invest in this?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, is fast becoming the Internet marketing strategy of choice among most businesses – and for good reason. But what is SEO anyway? What makes it so important for a company’s on-line presence? SEO is the process of improving a website’s visibility in “organic” (unpaid) search results of search engines. Generally, the higher a webpage ranks in search engine results, the more likely it is to attract and retain visitors, which in turn would increase its chances of getting sales conversions.

The Importance of Internet Marketing and SEO

Of course, it would be hard to appreciate this marketing concept without the numbers to back up its effectiveness (business is mostly about numbers, after all). For this reason, we list down some statistic that will help you see how important SEO can be for your business:

  • Search engines account for 93% of the on-line experiences of Internet users
  • 70-80% of consumers focus more on organic results; this group also tends to ignore paid ads
  • 75% of Internet users do not get past first page results of their search queries
  • The close rate (conversion) of SEO leads beats that of outbound leads (print ads or direct mails) by a wide margin, at 14.6% versus 1.7% respectively
  • 65-70% of the search engine industry’s market share is dominated by Google
  • For Google alone: third rank results get 7% of organic clicks, second rank results get 10% of organic clicks, and first rank results get 18% of organic clicks
  • “Search” is the top traffic driver for websites; it beats social media by a wide margin of over 300%

Of course, knowing about these details and statistics is one thing; creating and maintaining an SEO strategy because you understand its significance is another. Now if you have little to no idea about utilising this type of Internet marketing strategy, you should seek the assistance of an SEO consultant who can effectively optimise your business’ website for you.

However, if the above statistics still haven’t convinced you to take advantage of SEO, let’s take a closer look at some of its major mikeefits:

You will definitely see an increase in traffic. There will be a clear-cut increase in your site’s traffic if it ranks among the first page results of search queries, and this will become obvious if you utilise reporting tools and analytic’s to keep track of your progress. It is worth noting though that the results will not be immediate. Rather, it will be over time, although the increase will surely be faster than what traditional marketing strategies can offer. You get better ROI compared to regular ads. Sales conversions from paid ads are usually at 2% while those from “organic” clicks are at 4%, which means SEO efforts can get you better returns. While the 2% doesn’t seem much, you will realise the difference if you assign some numbers. So if, say, we use a sample of 1,000 visitors, 2% would mean 20 conversions, whereas 4% means 40. That’s already profit from 20 more customers!


Your brand will get better credibility, considering a lot of consumers trust Google. Most people find Google in particular to be a reliable source of information. With consistent top rankings in search listings through SEO, consumers will soon see your website as the brand name itself! This means your business has the potential to eventually become the company that other players in your respective industry would want to beat.

So take your entrepreneurial efforts to the next level with this sound Internet marketing strategy and get in touch with an SEO consultant today.

Link Spider is an SEO Consultant London and runs the UK SEO Company, IT-Freelancer.

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