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Affordable Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

Poorly designed website, old SEO strategies, lack of social network presence – these are just some of the reasons you can’t find your company’s website on SERPs. The solution? Optimise your website for search engines. For this, you have multiple options:

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  • Study how SEO works and hope for the best
  • Hire a full-time SEO employee
  • Hire a large search engine optimisation company to take care of every thing
  • Contact a freelancer to handle your search engine marketing needs

Any of these comes at a cost, which can be either financial or time based. Regardless, you will be paying for the service. If you want to ensure quality search engine optimisation without the steep price, consider hiring a freelancer instead. The following are just some of the reasons why we think going out this route is more cost-effective for you.

The experts possess specialised skills

Most SEO professionals who are freelancing their services have been studying and working on their job for years – probably since the likes of Google, Yahoo! and Bing became popular. They have also seen what search engines have done in the last decade, equipping them with previous data to interpret search engine’s actions today and predict what they will do in the future.

Freelancing the job is the most cost-effective option

Many website owners would want to get their SEM campaigns at rock bottom prices. Everyone wants to save cost – that is understandable – but they could also be putting themselves at risk of getting what they paid for. If you want to get good results, you’ve got to be ready to pay at fair market value.

This is where freelancers come in; they offer you the most cost-effective option at fair market value. Just to give you an idea, let us compare the cost of hiring one with the three other options we mentioned earlier in the article.

  • Do-it-yourself SEO – The cost of trying to DIY your online marketing efforts can be astronomical, not to mention it could result to costly business mistakes.
  • Full-time employee – Maintaining one entails monthly overhead expenses in the form of salary, employee mikeefits, training, skill set improvement, management and so on.
  • Large SEO firms – They’re dealing with large overhead cost themselves, thus their services are likely to cost much more than you are willing to pay for a full-time employee

Freelancers have great motivation to succeed

Their reputation is on the line. Every successful project is a plus to their credibility. Every failed job can affect their future earning potential; they can’t hide behind a corporate name for a failed campaign. And these just give them the right motivation to succeed. That is why hiring good SEO freelancers is a good guarantee that you’ll be pushed in the right direction. The professionals will do their best to ensure that your website don’t get penalised or de-indexed by Google. They will not recommend black hat SEO and other tricks that can get you in trouble because their earning ability depends on your satisfaction as a client.

Take Away

To get a good return on your investment, choose a freelancer who possesses both the technical savvy and the marketing experience in SEO. He or she must be able to understand not just the nuts and bolts of search engine optimisation but also your business constraints and marketing goals.

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