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Affordable Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

White Label SEO Re-seller Program

Search Engine Optimisation Reseller

I often get asked if I offer SEO Re-selling as a white label as a service. The common setup being:

  • I do all of the work.
  • You charge what you like.
  • I sent you reports branded under your logo/ company name

The answer being: Sure, why not? My prices are exactly the same.

  • Packages:

  • Max Keywords
  • Freelance Hours Hired
  • Keywords Research Included
  • Full Homepage Optimisation
  • Professional Link Building Strategy
  • Weekly Ranking Report
  • In-Depth Monthly Report
  • Page 1 Google Rank Guarantee
  • Full Social Media Management
  • Full Google Ad Words Management

ADVANCED SEO PACKAGE: £350 per Month – Designed for Medium Competition Keywords.
This Package includes 20 hours of my time, in which I cover the following:
• Keywords Research
• On-Page Optimisation
• Full Backlink Analysis
• Professional Link Building Strategy
• Weekly SERP Ranking Reports
• In-Depth Monthly Reports
• 1 x 1,000 Word Content Creation

PROFESSIONAL SEO PACKAGE: £500 per Month – Designed for High Competition Keywords.
This Package includes 30 hours of my time, in which I cover the following:
• Keywords Research
• On-Page Optimisation
• Full Backlink Analysis
• Professional Link Building Strategy
• Weekly SERP Ranking Reports
• In-Depth Monthly Reports
• 2 x 1,000 Word Content Generation
• Full Social Media Management of 2 of the following Social Profiles Google+, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Before starting any campaign, I will need to have the following details:
- Admin Access to the website (Only if you do not have a website admin).
- Google Analytics + Google Webmaster Tools Access
- The Websites Google+ URL.
- The websites Twitter login details (for social competition analysis).
- (Pro Only) Social Media login details.
- Keyword Ideas, 5 – 10 of them, along with any relevant notes. I will be doing my own research later, but I need to know what the expectations of this project are, more traffic? Ranking higher for a certain term? New start?


After the first few days, you will receive login details to an admin panel area on my website. From this panel will be able to download initial reports, weekly SERP reports, monthly traffic reports, link documents and any other documentation at any time. This panel is updated regularly as we move forward through the campaign. The first few reports or ‘initial’ reports are: A full website scan, a Google ranking report and backlink scan.

While every single website I work on has a completely different strategy that works well, I am usually asked to provide an outline for a standard SEO campaign and how working together would work going forward.

A ‘standard’ campaign would look something like this:
Day 1 - 2: Data Gathering and Administration/setup of your project.
Day 3 - 7: Business Research and Initial website review.
Week 1 - 2: Advanced Keywords Analysis + Keywords Report.
Week 2 - 4: On-Page SEO Document and manual updating.
Month 1+: Link Building, Content Creation and Outreach.
Month 3: Second full website review.
Month 3+: Link Building, Content Creation and Outreach.

This process is not always as smooth sailing if, for example, we discover that the website is heavily penalized by a poor backlink profile, has been spammed by a competitor or created in an incredibly poor way that will lead to an inevitable penalty being placed later, then I will first be resolving these issues, there is little point moving forward with core issues present.

The first week of the campaign contains thorough and detailed research into the websites products or services to develop a base strategy to use, along with a detailed look at the current competition of the website.

Week two is primarily for keywords research, this process is absolutely pivotal to the campaigns success. By selecting poor keywords, the website could rank #1 for a keyword with no traffic or try to charge into a highly competitive field with 0% chance of success, finding a good balance is key. Given the importance of this research, this process usually takes one week.

After this, week’s two to four is for on-page optimisation. Before promoting any website, it is important to have the correct foundations in place. This process is to ensure Google will understands what the website is about and rank it correctly, if you were Google, would you rank a website you knew was about cameras or think is about cameras? Finally is link building, this process takes months to do and a lot of time is put into doing this correctly.


This is a simple add-on only available to clients of my Professional package. It is a simple prospect, if I do not rank you website on Google Page 1 by Month 3, then you can have your money back for that month. Why? The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, I like to be paid for my time so it ensures that I put nothing by my absolute best into trying to rank your website and secondly it gives an assurance that I am working hard to achieve results.

Again, this applies to the Professional package only. In summary, If I do not rank your website on Google Page 1 by month three, then month three is free. This also applies to every subsequent 3 months, so month 6, 9 and 12.


The keywords research takes around one week to complete and is absolutely pivotal to any campaigns success. By selecting Keywords sloppily, we could rank No1 for a pointless keywords or try to charge into a highly competitive field with 0% chance of success, a good balance is key.


On page SEO is a crucial aspect of ranking any website and has far more power than many give it credit for. In my experience, the difference between position 5 and position 1 on Google has been through tweaking on-page factors. This process usually takes one to two weeks to complete.

On-Page SEO is important because it helps search engines understand what your website is about much better, the better a search engine understands what your website is about, the higher it will rank it. It makes sense really, what would you put first if you were Google: A website you think is about cameras or a website you know is about cameras?


Though I am not primarily an author or professional writer, I will be writing a 1,000 word article for each campaign I work, 2 of these per month for the professional package. That being said, I am well educated and incredibly proficient in writing, I deliver above average content.

These articles will be written from my knowledge of the field, if you would like more content, I would suggest hiring a professional copywriter. The content written will be friendly for both readers and for search engines.


Using one of my many SEO tools, I will be dissecting the websites back-link profile to identify all of the websites Good Links, Neutral Links, Suspicious Links and Bad Links. If there is an issue with the websites current back link profile, then it would be a waste of time to charge straight into a campaign.

Backlink removal services cost £200, but the initial review of the backlink profile will be free of charge. If you decide that you would like me to help the website recover from a penalty or if you simply would me to remove all of the bad backlinks, then this will be a paid service. This will take me 14 days to complete, I will also create a link disavow file in Webmaster Tools.


Organic Google search rankings can mean the difference between success and failure online. The backbone behind a websites placement in the search engines is the pursuit of quality links from other websites. In order to deliver the best results, I go out and seek links from high-powered sites that are relevant to the website, checking their backlink profile thoroughly.

This strategy is natural and organic in nature as it requires written or verbal communication between myself and the webmasters of these websites. The backlink sources I obtain are highly scrutinized for their quality, these websites will then send a natural flow or diverse anchor text links to the target website, this approach complies with every Google algorithm update so far and will ensure long term results for the website.

A lot of time and effort goes into this link building process and it is primarily what I will be doing after completing keywords research, on-page optimisation and business analysis. Finding domains and analyzing them for their value as a link source is extremely time consuming and requires a considerable degree of expertise. This process includes creating articles, verifying and indexing links, checking PA/DA metrics and social influence. This process must be done correctly and I take it very seriously.


My weekly SERP ranking reports track a sites Google, Bing and Yahoo positions on a daily basis and any reports will be added to the admin panel on a weekly basis. These reports track chosen keywords from day 1, this shows the current position vs the original position for all search engines. Please be aware that SEO is not and never has been, a straight line of progress, results do fluctuate often but over time always ends positively.

Note for Re-Sellers: These reports can be branded with any logo.


Monthly Reports contain both basic and advanced data, for the basics, a quick skim read will be more than sufficient but for the data hungry, read on more to see more in-depth data on the website and competitors. This report covers advanced traffic statistics, keyword data, competitor analysis, an overview of social media interactions and some link metrics.

Note for Re-Sellers: These reports can be branded with any logo.


SEO has developed far beyond simple link building and content generation, for the past few years, social media has become more and more important to a websites development in search engines. There have been countless experiments in the SEO world which has shown time and time again that social signals are taken into account when determining a websites ranking.

The purpose of social media management is to engage with potential clients, build a solid group of followers and ultimately to get your content shared through social media. Likes, Follow, Re-Tweets, +1’s, they all count towards showing search engines that your website delivers good, readable content that people want to share. People may even link to your content!

If a search engine sees this, which they can, then it is more likely to rank you higher for the keywords you are trying to rank for. In summary, Social media provides an excellent platform to share content and develop online.

A summary of social media management would is below:
- Management of Two Social Profiles. Please choose between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest or FourSquare.
- Three to Five updates will be posted on each profile per day, ranging from business updates, new deals and special offers but primarily for sharing industry related news and articles.
- Fans and follower interactions: No question goes unanswered, followers are encouraged to discuss your business and website.
- All social profiles are optimized and customized to your brand.
- Detailed monthly reports. Find out exactly who is engaging with your business, over time we get to decide which strategies work best for you to ensure that the campaign is always at its best.

Note: To add an additional social profile, this costs £60 per profile, per month. This hires me for 10 additional hours of work at a heavy discount.


At the start of a campaign, a free backlink scan report will be added to the admin panel. If there are a number of bad backlinks coming to the website, a backlink removal service will be required, this costs £200 but is optional.

This payment cost is a one-off and a full report will be uploaded to the admin panel. This process takes one month to complete in total, this is because I like to run the scan for two weeks to ensure I have as much link data as possible before starting. When these scans are completed, each link will be assigned a ‘score’ on how much detriment a link is being to the websites success. All data will be exported as an XML document and a graphical PNG file, a PDF format is currently available.


My terms and conditions are below:

1. You are welcome to leave anytime, there are no contracts.
2. Full refunds are only applicable if no work has been commenced.
3. (Pro Only) If I do not get your website to page 1 by month 3, then month 3 is free. This also applies to month 6, 9 and 12.
4. There are no VAT or additional charges on my invoices.
5. Back-link removal services cost an additional £200.
6. Payments are required upfront and invoices must be paid in 14 days.
7. Be polite, we are both businesses and mutual respect is essential.
8. Please do not call me every day or week asking for an update, SEO is an incredibly long process with a lot of research required.
9. I take one paid day off per month to update myself with the latest strategies, Google updates and future news to keep on top form.
10. I do not have to work with you and reserve the right to terminate my work at any point with you, I do work with people with silly expectations.
11. Be realistic with your expectations, SEO has no guarantees but I will try my best and have always achieved results over time. If your only marketing strategy is SEO, then your business will not grow, you need promote your business in other ways too, SEO is one part of a larger marketing strategy.
12. (Re-Sellers Only) You are responsible for your client’s expectations, if you have promised to over-deliver to a client, then this your problem and I will not help you by working more hours or delivering a service outside of my packages above, be responsible with what you sell.