Perfect for serious businesses who demand perfection. Minimum contract of six months.

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The Pay on Results is our most popular package, as such, there are limited spaces and very strict terms.
If we do not rank you, you do not pay us anything. When we rank you, you pay £1,000 p/m from that month.
If your website ranks below #50 in Google, you will need to have 3 months of the Basic SEO Package first.
If you are already on Page 1, you will pay us when you hit the top 3 positions.


How Does this Work? (Summary)

The contract is fixed at six months long, it will be based around two keywords mutually chosen at the start of the campaign, once one of these keywords hits the first page (or top #3 if you are already on Page 1) then you will start paying from the week it starts ranking. For example, if we rank the chosen keywords on Month 2: Week 1, then you start paying from Month 2: Week 2 onwards, the first invoice will be pro-rata for two weeks, meaning this will be £500.

How Does this Work? (Examples)

If we rank your website for your chosen keywords on month 3: Week 3, then we will start billing from month 3: Week 4 until the contract ends. Again, the first invoice would be pro rata for one week. If we do not rank your website for the chosen keywords within the contract duration atall, then you pay nothing. Basically, if we do a good job you pay, if we are unable to rank you then you pay nothing. We have tried to make this as simple as possible for us both.


Month 1: The Journey Begins!

Month 1 is about Analysis, research and formulation of a plan to dominate. This month we conduct a full backlink analysis, on-page review, competitor analysis and keywords research check. In addition, we will start to build some authoritative links to your site.

Month 2: Onwards and Upwards!

With the initial review completed, we then proceed to build your websites authority. We do this by identifying places we can build authoritative links from via continuous outreach to bloggers and people active online, we aim to build several links a week.

Updates: Every 2 Weeks!

We will send you a personalised report of how your campaign is doing with any relevant documentation attached every 14 days, we won't spam you a generic report. Given the free nature of this package, we do not provide telephone updates.

Freelance SEO: Who are You?

My name is Mike, founder of Freelance SEO. I started search engine optimisation in 2008 when I was a web designer. I used to outsource work to some of the largest SEO companies in the UK but after working with most of them, I found the quality so low that I decided to do better myself.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Resell your Services?

Ofcourse, there are no special rules on re-selling seo services through us aside from the standard terms and conditions. If you pay for the package and let us know your intent, we'll do the work for you and add your companies branding to any document for free.

How long will it take to Rank?

As mentioned above, this package is designed to take one year however, you will start to see improvements within three to six months with our intention being to wow you in one year. This package includes PBN sites for quicker, powerful rankings.

What Links do You Build?

We build links only from sites with a high Domain Authority, preferably with Page Authority, consistent social interaction, steady web traffic score and ranked in the Alexa 100. For quantity, we aim for around one per week as we prefer quality.

What is the Refund Policy?

We are happy to refund any month in action, any previous months work which has already taken place cannot be refunded and you agree to these terms when starting with us. Refunds can be declined, it all depends on the circumstances.


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