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Andrew Alexander- Freelance SEO Consultant

SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media Optimisation Expert

Take a look at a few of my successful campaigns I optimised for companies in various industries

“I met Andrew over an online freelance job board, advertising his freelance SEO services a few years back. Over the course of the year, I got to know him very well and his experience with search engine marketing was evident from the start of our business relationship.” – Ryan Staff, Total Digital.

I have always been fascinated with search engines and the optimisation processes required to rank on them, regardless if it’s Google, Bing or Yahoo, who would not want to be on top spot of a search engine result? For any business, this is absolutely invaluable and can make a break a business. Over the past six years, I have had (and still have) many clients that I perform SEO for, but a question I usually get asked is: “Why do you not charge more? Many SEO companies start at £1,000 per month” and the answer is simple.. I’m a freelancer, not a company.

I began studying SEO way back when Google was a new thing to hit the internet and was determined to learn the ins and outs of it in order to take my own business to new heights. Throughout this process, I came to work with some very experienced SEO Consultant experts and managed to obtain some decent results for my small client base. Currently, I am a SEO freelance consultant for Freelance SEO, an internet marketing company specialising in providing SEO Consultant services to businesses with online presences. I offer SEO, PPC & Social Media Management for all sized businesses through-out the UK and I also have a very small, but well-crafted team as his disposal.

In my spare time, I teach my tech talent to young people with the eye on giving back and to enable them to support themselves with career opportunities even before starting college or university. Today's times are tough and knowing how to work with the internet opens up all kinds of wonderful doors to success.

If you need any support with your SEO, PPC Social Media needs, make sure to contact me on 0208 1442 891 or email: