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“Working with Mike increased our websites traffic by 46% within two months, 103% by month 6 but most importantly, increased our companies overall annual sales by 21%. Mike is an expert in his field.” - Michael Garner, TMHi Research

Before reading, you should know that there is nothing scary or binding in here, but it is important information to have as we will be working on the same terms:

affordable seo SEO Services UK: How Much Is It?

Affordable SEO from IT Freelancer

  • Let’s start with the biggest condition, the Google Page 1 Guarantee! Now, it is very important to know that this only applies to month 3 onward. IF by the 1st day of month 4, I have not got ONE of your TEN keywords to Page 1 on Google, then I will not charge you for the invoice for month three of work will become void, no further charge will be invoiced until you are one page on for ONE keyword. So in summary, you will only pay for two months of SEO before you are on page one!
  • On the first month of SEO, there is an upfront fee of £125 that will need to be paid before we will commence. Formerly, payment was taken at the end of the month but due to some bad experiences, I have reluctantly had to enforce this rule.
  • As an SEO I cannot and do not guarantee that you will make extra sales, my job will be to bring people to your website, promote your services on-line and get your website as high as possible in the Google Rankings for your keywords, I cannot force visitors to buy from you.
  • If you no longer want to receive SEO services from me, please let me know and I will terminate your SEO on the day that the information is received, I will then invoice you up until that date. Failure to pay will result in me having un-do the work done.
  • SEO Services UK, dates start on the 1st of each month, if you join on the 13th June, for example, your first invoice will be from 13th June - 1 July.
  • Invoices payments are required in full within 14 days of the invoice being sent.
  • Important! Messages such as ‘I want full details of everything ever before I pay you’ will not be received well. Firstly, they are irritating and secondly, are redundant. My results will be primarily measured by you search rankings, not by the reports. If you were to get a house build, you do not ask of a breakdown of every brick placed, you wait until the end results, from this aspect, SEO is similar.
  • Be polite, we are both businesses and mutual respect is essential.

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