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Affordable Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

Whether you don’t have the budget – yet – or just haven’t found the right company to get SEO services from, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Sure, you may not have the services of a professional to help you stand out on the web, but there are some things you can for little or no cost at all to help your site’s SEO.

You might think that doing SEO might be too technical, but that is not the case. There are some SEO tasks you can do that don’t need technical knowledge to pull off. What are these exactly?

Start a Blog

You might find it daunting to write content for your company’s blog, but you shouldn’t be. First of all, it is you who know everything there is about your products or services. It is you who know the ins and outs of your industry. It is you who have the knowledge to share with your audience. So, what is there to fear?

If you cannot create your own content, curate. Gather articles you found around the web on a daily or weekly basis that you think your audience will find useful. However, don’t just share without adding your own comments. Your audience wants to know what you think about news and other happenings around your industry, and you should provide just that.

Make Use of Free SEO Tools


SEO doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, a simple search on the web will lead you to many free tools you can use for your SEO campaign. Whether it be keyword tools or XML sitemap generators, you know that you can find really good options on the internet.

For example, you can make use of a free keyword tool to get a good idea about the keywords you are going to use in your content. Or, you can use the results generated by a free keyword tool to build your content around on.

Build Your Own Backlinks

Inbound links from trusted, relevant and authoritative sources is a very important component that search engines use to gauge the quality of your site. However, getting them shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. You can even apply a bit of people skills to get you the traffic you want.

For example, if you run a crafts shop, you can ask a local travel or community site to put up a link to your site on theirs. Some local communities list a number of shops and organize them by categories, and you can definitely inform them that you are doing business in a certain category.

Another way to drive traffic to your site is to do guest blogging. Although Matt Cutts said some things about the effectiveness of guest posts knowing how some abuse their value, it is still a valuable strategy that you can apply. Just make sure to write guest blogs on sites that are really substantial. You can determine this just by the quality of the articles they provide and how engaged their audiences are – be it on their site or on their social networks.

Establish a Social Presence

Social signals influence the way your site is ranked on search engines. It comes from the simple concept that if a lot of those on social media take action with what you shared, then it must contain something of value or at least contains content that is worth discussing. However, you can’t get the likes, retweets and shares you want if you don’t build an audience in your social network/s of choice.

Start by creating profiles on the social networks that suit your business best, then start building a community. Share relevant articles. Share articles from your own blog. Use hashtags. Interact with users. Respond to their interactions. Doing these help you build that audience that would not hesitate to share any content that you decide to publish.

Although acquiring professional SEO services is great, seeing all the tips listed above shows that you can still strive on the web and carve a niche for your business by simply catering to the needs of your audience.

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