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The Average Day of an SEO Consultant

Ever wondered what an average day is like for an SEO?

The life of an SEO, is it a glamorous one? Ever imagine what it would be like? Well my impression’s of an SEO work pattern were originally: Get out of bed when I like, be able to relax for hours on end and just work in the evenings, I mean, search engine optimization work is easy right? Wrong! When researching website optimization, you start to realize that on-line development is an ongoing, constantly changing world and when you think you’ve got it.. you then find out you haven’t!

The Average Day of an SEO Consultant

My routine now involves working from 8am – 10pm everyday, the first 4 hours of my day is research current trend, techniques and keeping myself up to date. I remember once that I thought this was a waste of time and I would just ‘Pick it up’ but as I learned the harsh way, if you do this, you will fall behind badly! And if you fall behind in the world of SEO, then your and your clients websites will fall behind in the search engine ranking placements or ‘SERPs’ as they are better known. But what advice would I give you, if I had to say you needed one strong skill and one piece of knowledge?
For skill, it would have to be perseverance, there is a famous website state known as the ‘Google Dance’ and when this hits, it can be incredibly frustrating!

A Google dance is where your website will randomly drift backwards and forwards through the ‘SERPs’ with no warning or reason. But most importantly, you need to the knowledge behind you to keep up, write fresh content on a weekly basis, when this is done, go to your web master tools and let Google know this has been done, add ‘RSS’ feeds everywhere and keep your website publicized. Nobody ever got famous by being quiet and that’s no different for a website. Link Spider offers Affordable Small Business SEO and is a freelance Search Engine Optimisation Consultant.

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