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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

An Analysis of Modern Marketing to Traditional Methods

Traditional marketing strategies vary greatly, from a simple advertisement in a newspaper to a live television broadcast but do these still work in the digital era? Are traditional marketing methods as effective as they used to be or has the effectiveness of older marketing methods?

Traditional Marketing vs Digital marketing

It could be said that traditional marketing methods, such as e-mail tracking, lead chasing or even cold calling are broken, but are they really a waste of potential businesses revenue? In this era, we all browse the internet and like to make our own decisions, tell me, how many sales have you made by handing out flyers? By spamming e-mail in boxes? How much potential revenue have you wasted, why not just have clients find you instead? There is nothing more powerful than clients coming to you for your business services.

Try putting yourself in the position of a potential customer. If you are after an affordable SEO service for your brand new website, what would you do first? Would you: a) Immediately check the newspaper b) Check your recent junk mail or c) check on-line and make your own decision?

For at least 95% of the population, the answer would be ‘C’.

With this new information in mind, why are you not looking for a search engine optimization company now? It may be cost limitations or maybe you just do not see the point? Why not give me a call and we can discuss what I can do for your business?

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