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What Is Back-linking and Why Is It Important for SEO?

A basic guide to what link-building actually is.

Back-linking is a major talk of the town when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. And its popularity is not just brought about by a random hype. So what gives it so much value?

Back-links are inbound or incoming links pointing to a website. From the descriptions themselves, one will understand that such links are basically directed towards a certain website. The basic concept is that the more inbound links a particular website has the more popular or significant that site is.

What Is Back-linking and Why is it Important for SEO

 So, what makes these links important for SEO purposes? Primarily, many search engines give higher credit to websites that have many incoming links. When a page has a lot of back-links, its search result ranking is expected to be higher. This means that the chances of visitors most likely accessing the pages of that site are bigger. Of course, the more the visitors who check out one’s website, the better are the chances for its products and services to be bought or utilized.

Which brings us to the next question – Is it really just the numbers that matter? While some search engines do favor those web pages that have a good number of inbound links, what these search engines actually acknowledge are quality ones.

How do search engines define quality back-links? An experienced affordable SEO consultant would probably say that quality links are those that:

  • Come from other websites whose contents are directly relevant to the page to which such links are directed to.
  • Originate from high ranking web pages.
  • Are strategically located on the source website.
  • Are correctly formatted on the source website.
  • Are significantly aligned for the goal of eliciting more powerful results.

Needless to say, when a website has quality back-links, it has better chances of getting the following mikeefits:

  • Higher Page Rank – The more quality inbound links that point to a certain website, the better are the site’s chances of gaining a higher Page Rank. However, it is to be noted that each webpage is independent when it comes to page ranking. A homepage that has a lot of good inbound links can be ranked higher but this does not mean the same for its inner pages.
  • Raised Traffic – If the Page Rank of a particular website is high, a surge in organic traffic will naturally follow. This means that more online users will be convinced to visit the website and make use of whatever it is that the site is offering. Organic traffic typically has a greater potential to be a constant source of revenue.
  • Improved Trust Rating – With the increase of websites that are willing to link to a particular web page also comes a strengthened trust rating for that page. Once bots will notice that other sites readily link to that web page without requiring trade off links, bots will most likely rank that page higher.
  • Increased Revenue – Given that more incoming links means higher Page Rank, raised traffic, and better trust rating, the greater is the possibility of bigger profit every month.

With the valuable contribution that inbound links can give to web pages, it is not a surprise why many would want to find out how to exactly create an effective back-link system. If you are one of the many who are gearing towards that direction, an affordable SEO consultant would most likely advise you to give the following factors due consideration:

  • An extensive knowledge of the SEO and whole online industry.
  • An awareness about the keywords that people type on search engines.
  • An understanding of the ideal places and circumstances to establish back-links.

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