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What is the ROI of SEO?

What are your expectations of search engine optimization?

In the world of SEO, are profitable results achieved in years, months or days? Well, I will answer this question by reflecting on personal experiences in my career so far  that have made me the website optimizer I am today. Here are my top three client quotes over the past six years, if you ever hear any of these, run for the hills!

What is the Return on Investment for SEO?

Client 1) “So, you are going to get my website to the top of Google for £5, yeah?” - This was a message I received in relation to a ‘Five Squids’ gig I entitled ‘I will give you an SEO informational analysis to get your website ranking higher’ back in 2012 and to date, is still my favourite client quote. I initially didn’t respond to this as I was not sure how to. Needless to say, he got the answer you are expecting.

Client 2) “OK, so if you do the website search engine optimization for free, I will give you money if I make any sales. Deal?” - No deal. Not in a million years and if you have any common sense, you will avoid pirates like this! It’s pretty safe to assume that this client had no intention of paying me anything and I doubt I would even be informed of any customers that would have bough from this man.

Client 3) “I want to rank high on Google for the Keyword ‘SEO UK‘ but I don’t have much of a budget to it with, how cheap can you do this for?” - If your not going to take your own business seriously, than neither am I. If you want to rank highly for an incredibly competitive keyword but don’t want to make an investment, then you will have no return, I decided not to offer my services to him as this kind of client will always be disappointed, not even a top dog company could pull this off after thousands of pounds of investment.

In summary, SEO is a very long process and it is not a one stop solution. You can not just hire an search engine optimisation consultant and expect your business to instantly make sales, this is your business! Take some responsibility! Digital marketing is just one piece of a much larger marketing strategy, you need to have other methods in place too. Get some social lessons and promote your business verbally, I personally find that the perfect marketing campaign is a mix of internet marketing mixed with social interactions. Here is some advise for your website, have a telephone number at the top of the page, this may lead to calls and if your confident, smart and knowledgeable, you may have just landed yourself a new client.

So Does SEO = ROI? No, not unless your put in some effort into your own business. So get out there and make some sales knowing in the back of your mind that you have a great website you can refer clients too and is generating interest every single day. For Small Business SEO, contact Link Spider today.


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