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This service is £350 per month and includes 1 x 500 word Article Per Week, no Minimum Duration.

An Active Website Full of Great Content puts Your Website Higher in Google Rankings.

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A weekly piece of quality content uploaded to your website and shared socially through your own network of finely tuned social media. If you want a business to succeed online, you need to start investing into high quality content.
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Basic Blogging: Do You Create Titles? Do You Analyse Google Traffic?

To start the content creation process all we require is a few keywords that you are trying to target or some products that you are trying to sell. With this information, we can use our tools to find what people are actively searching for through Google and create highly targetted content accordingly.

Is there a Minimum Work Duration? Are there any Contracts to Sign?

There is no minimum term of work, you are free to come and go as you please although I suggest an absolute minimum of 6 months to see a strong possitive effect. I do not require any form of contract but the terms and conditions must be accepted. This in place to protect me and you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Resell your Services?

Ofcourse, there are no special rules on re-selling seo services through us aside from the standard terms and conditions. If you pay for the package and let us know your intent, we'll do the work for you and add your companies branding to any document for free.

How long will it take to Rank?

As mentioned above, you will start to see improvements within six months with the overall progression to last up to one year in the lower to mid competition fields. For Higher end competition, results will vary but will be among the same lines.


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