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What Is Google Page Rank and Why Is It Important for SEO?

Google page rank

What Is Google Page Rank and Why Is It Important for SEO?  What is the Difference between page Rank and Domain Rank? When a user searches online, he is likely to click and visit the first website found on search results. Why bother scrolling down or going to the next page when all you need could be found on a single site? But how credible, reliable or authoritative is a website? How can a user gauge the brevity of the information provided? It is through a page rank (PR), of course. This refers to an independent measure of Google’s perception […]

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SEO Consultant Hertfordshire

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Link Spider - SEO Consultant Hertfordshire Search Engine Optimisation Services in Hertfordshire IT Freelancer is a Princes’ Trust supported company specializing in Search Engine Optimisation or SEO in Hertfordshire. The company is based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire in the UK and is run solely by Link Spider, a highly experienced and thoroughly skilled freelance IT consultant with a BSc in Computer Science and six years of IT work behind him. The company prides itself on taking a fresh, dynamic approach to on-line marketing and SEO that has resulted in many clients being placed on the 1st page of Google search results. […]

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The Average Day of an SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

The Average Day of an SEO Consultant Ever wondered what an average day is like for an SEO? The life of an SEO, is it a glamorous one? Ever imagine what it would be like? Well my impression’s of an SEO work pattern were originally: Get out of bed when I like, be able to relax for hours on end and just work in the evenings, I mean, search engine optimization work is easy right? Wrong! When researching website optimization, you start to realize that on-line development is an ongoing, constantly changing world and when you think you’ve got it.. […]

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What is the ROI of SEO?

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What is the ROI of SEO? What are your expectations of search engine optimization? In the world of SEO, are profitable results achieved in years, months or days? Well, I will answer this question by reflecting on personal experiences in my career so far  that have made me the website optimizer I am today. Here are my top three client quotes over the past six years, if you ever hear any of these, run for the hills! Client 1) “So, you are going to get my website to the top of Google for £5, yeah?” - This was a message […]

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