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Your Guide to Succeeding with Local SEO

A key component of the marketing strategy for any small business is effectively positioning themselves in search engine results. The question is, “Can you fight your way to the top when you have a multitude of others trying to do the same?”. The simple answer is YES, and this guide will show you how.   1. Optimise Information on Your Website Properly First of all, your website should have a domain name that reflects your business as well as its location. Let’s say you own a cupcake shop in London called Sweet Treats. A good domain would be sweattreatslondon.com. Second, […]

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Building a Brand with Google+ Hangouts: A How-To Guide


Social media is a necessary part of any content-based marketing strategy for any kind of business. Yes, even if your business revolves around storage boxes, having a presence on one or more social networks are essential in building your brand. When you look at several companies, most of them have a presence on Twitter (which is great for posting tips, news, deals and pictures) and Facebook (where you can run contests, post pictures and provide links to your own blog posts). While those two platforms are great, a lot of businesses under-appreciate the value that Google+ brings. Google+ is not […]

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Why Your Landing Page Should be Properly Optimised

A landing page, in the simplest sense, is the page that gets traffic from all places other than the same pages on your site. This is why it is called a “landing page” because it is where your visitors land – whether they saw a link to your site on a search engine results page or some other place on the web. Most particularly, landing pages are associated with pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords. Ads like these are useful in driving traffic to a particular URL that is optimised to receive those visitors. When it comes to your landing page, […]

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Can’t Afford SEO? Here’s How to Leverage Affordable SEO

Whether you don’t have the budget – yet – or just haven’t found the right company to get SEO services from, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Sure, you may not have the services of a professional to help you stand out on the web, but there are some things you can for little or no cost at all to help your site’s SEO. You might think that doing SEO might be too technical, but that is not the case. There are some SEO tasks you can do that don’t need technical knowledge to pull off. What are […]

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How to Use Google Analytics to Enhance Your SEO Strategy

How to Use Google Analytics to Enhance Your SEO Strategy Marketers across the globe are mourning the loss of keyword data. You see, way back in September, Google encrypted all search activity (except for click-on ads), making our lives ever harder. However, believe us when we say that Google Analytics can still be put to good use to help drive your marketing campaigns. It can even help to enhance link-building strategies – all you need to do is know where to look. Thankfully, here at IT Freelancer, we want to make your life just that little bit easier. We know […]

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What is the difference between Google Penguin, Panda and the Hummingbird penalty?


What is the difference between Google Penguin, Panda and the Hummingbird penalty? It seems that just as soon as we get up to speed with Google and the internet, a new update is launched. A new program, a new system, a new way of everything. – it can be hard to keep up-to-date and in the loop with all the new changes going on. Things like this can be especially tough for fledgling businesses and start-ups. Scratching your head in utter confusion and reading endless on-line tutorials can only get you so far, right? However, with a little bit of […]

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SEO Consultant UK

Social Media 3

SEO UK: This year, so much has changed in the world of Internet marketing that many business owners have to scramble to keep up with the developments. Unfortunately, there are still some who neglect the importance of SEO in getting their presence known to their target audience. Many still believe that there’s no reason to fix a marketing strategy that’s not broken and so they pass up on the advantages that a good SEO campaign can bring. But what is SEO UK exactly and why is it important? Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting your website […]

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How Does Fresh and Unique Content Help My Website’s SEO

How Does Fresh and Unique Content Help My Website’s SEO? Is it worthwhile to keep my website up to date with content? We all know that Google’s algorithms are responsible for how well a site ranks in search queries. What we don’t know is what the inner workings of these algorithms are. This is hardly surprising though, as they are some of Google’s most closely guarded secrets. However, certain trends become more apparent to Internet marketers through experience and over time. One such trend is that the content’s “freshness” matters – and it matters a lot. In other words, the […]

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What Is Back-linking and Why is it Important for SEO

SEO Link Building

What Is Back-linking and Why Is It Important for SEO? A basic guide to what link-building actually is. Back-linking is a major talk of the town when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. And its popularity is not just brought about by a random hype. So what gives it so much value? Back-links are inbound or incoming links pointing to a website. From the descriptions themselves, one will understand that such links are basically directed towards a certain website. The basic concept is that the more inbound links a particular website has the more popular or significant that […]

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What Is On-Page Optimisation and How Does It Help SEO


What Is On-Page Optimisation and How Does It Help SEO On-page optimisation counts for about 40% of overall SEO, it is very important! Every web master knows that for a website to rank on the first page of search engine results, optimisation is required. SEO may have been enough back then, but with competition becoming tougher than ever, more factors are now taken into account. This is where on-page optimisation comes into play. What is it exactly? This refers to factors that can make or break a website and its listing in natural search results. They are either controlled by a webpage […]

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